domingo, 8 de julio de 2018


"No words" at the first time was projected as a combination of music and texts taken from theater plays by Carlos Herrera C, habitual collaborator on lyrics on Psicolorama´s albums. All the tracks were cleaned and modificated without minor errors as posible, because the original master were corrupted, so the sound would be have some sound errors. Some songs were not included because they were imposible to remixed of fixed.

"Earthquake" have the songs not included on the album "Momo" and many others completed the recording. "Only one church" and "The Dream" were the first steps with recording on a PC with Cubase program in early 2004

"Electric" included recordings from 2007 from a double original cd, and the masters, unfortunately were, again, corrupted. Some remixes were posible to have a better sound and this is the result. This is one of my favourites recordings.

All this recordings are available on bandcamp, itunes and amazon as a digital download

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